4th Dimension Fantasy

Fourth Dimension Fantasy collection

This collection contains charming stories and characters that have been fashioned to improve the imagination and learning aspects of kids.

The 4th Dimension

The fourth dimension is a collection of fantasy kid books that presents its readers with an exciting illustration of ‘Enchanted Empire’ within the fourth dimension. The stories allow depiction of an entire aspect of fantasy for a growing audience.

The collection covers enjoyable experiences with unforgettable characters that will entertain the young readers.

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Fantasy Collection

Several publication collections are in the making, to enhance the full spirit and depiction of the Enchanted Empire in its entirety. Ageless classic collectables feasible to accommodate growing markets for years to come. The stories allow depiction of an entire aspect of fantasy for a growing audience. The Enchanted Empire collections are jam-packed with events and memorable characters and tales.

The Enchanted World

Our Enchanted Empire exists within the fourth dimension. One wormhole past the 3rd (reality} dimension. Where all mystical and fantasy creatures reside, as magical worlds come together in its entirety. The ‘Enchanted Empire’ consists of many inner and outer realms. However, this world’s very existence and scale kept secret for centuries to ensure its protection, and only now is it safe for the truth to be revealed.one journal at a time.

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