Enchanted Animal Advocacy

Enchanted Animal Advocacy (EAA)

We are a private company which supports animal causes by working alongside charitable organizations to cater for their publication needs. EAA is involved in full publication stages from creating contents to the marketing of creative materials. Marketing is done through wholesalers,  where percentage proceeds from this venture are donated animal organization or charities.

Enchanted Animal Advocacy is a more child-friendly collection, which delivers news using unique and memorable characters by kids.

Charity partners

Due to a passion for animals, The Enchanted Empire Corporation has signed a joint venture agreement to work with community charities, and clubs for fundraising, advocacy, and service delivery.

Coming soon

The Dog Master Apprentice, wish to earn a Dog Master Apprentice certificate? This fun book teaches and creates awareness about dogs of all types/breeds.

The Pooch Paper has officially launched! the much-awaited, humorous paper by the animal lover is out; this issue features breaking news, classifieds, top fashions, fitness, sports, travel and much more