Flower Squirrels

The primary goal for Flowers Squirrels is to provide numerous sets of collectible series which have been created to improve the imagination and learning aspects of younger children. This collection is full of delightful stories with a range of memorable and lovable characters.

Also, Flower Squirrels is involved in donating proceeds to Beyond Blue, while supplying additional tools to assist mild sufferers of these conditions.

Ferny, The Detective

Ferney is a member of Enchanted Little-people Investigation Services (E.L.I.S), which is responsible for conducting a private undercover investigation by obtaining clues, evidence and

examining scenes and interviewing the witness.


Violet, the reporter

She is charismatic, news reporter with various media outlets, where she helps to uncover multiple newsworthy stories from The Enchanted Empire, Enchanted Animal Advocacy, and Floral town.



The Nutty Club

The nutty club, is fantasy contractions, where children receive mail services from fantasy characters of Floral Town. The members of this club are monthly supplied with gift parcels which helps them to accumulate knowledge and lessons.

Coming Soon

Nutty club’s members get ready to go nuts as our Squirrel Reporter, Violet has produced a fantastic magazine featuring town gossip, celebrity interviews, and so much more. Each volume will introduce one of 50 flying squirrel members.