Our Team

image_0008_Director NCBatten

The Bewitching Director

As a young girl, Natalie had an extraordinary flair and a natural talent for creating pantomimes, dance concerts, games, puppet shows and movie scripts, capturing the hearts of other young children and adults as she entertained them. Ferny and Coco (the two head characters of Natalie’s creation) exhibit personality traits reflecting distinctive characteristics of her own disposition.

From majoring in Art & Math’s at Secondary School, to working over 18 years in Accounting and Business Management fields progressing to contracting her Business Services directly. During this time, Natalie also completed several studies including a ‘Diploma of Business Management’ (awarded honours), ‘Fantasy and Science

Venturing into several business ideas of her own, owning and operating her first business by 18 years of age. Every venture entertained children in some way. Ranging from live pantomimes, children’s theme parties to children’s hand crafted and painted bed suites.

Our Enchanted Team

The Enchanted Empire Corporation team members all share the same core ethics of honesty and helping others in need. Coupled with creative abilities, the team understand that in order to achieve our goals, we need to take a light hearted and open approach. Sharing a fun environment that enhances effective ideas, yet takes fantasy seriously enough to raise standards of excellence within the industry. Once you come on board you can never leave.

We have high expectations of standards in work submissions and task follow through, producing quality and original works to supply to the market. In addition, the alliance of this highly motivated and passionate team, with their unique blend of skills, presents them as a powerful and unstoppable force in the quest to build our

The Magic Makers

The Charmed illustrators


Anne was born in March, 1945 and raised in Victoria, the second youngest of six children. Raised in harsh conditions, she overcame her situation by writing about her experience and capturing memorable moments throughout the hardships of poverty, in which she lived. The creative mind helped her to compose 3,000 poems relating to sights, emotion, and thoughts of sheer of her personal experience. Anne made her breakthrough in 1984, when she produced her first book ‘Simply Natural’ after studying  Naturopathy, Herbalism, and Sociology. In 1990, she graduated with a degree in journalism that improved her knowledge of freelance and creative writing.

Milena Vitorovic

Milena was born in Belgrade, Serbia in December of 1985. She showed graphic talent from an early age and went on to earn a Master’s degree of Applied Arts.


Johanna was born in Germany and is currently studying to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, he loves to write and enjoys the publication process.


Bojan was born in Sombor; he is currently working on Enchanted Empires book series as colorist due to his passion for Visual Arts.


Amy Sun inherited drawing skills from her mother, she was born in Romania, and currently, she is a graphic design specialist working on Black Bird projects.


Lotta is our head cartoonist on Enchanted Animal Advocacy projects.


Mar was born in Madrid, Spain in 1987, and eventually studied Fine Arts, specializing in Photography and Graphic Design and now works full time as an illustrator, preferring to work with hand designed sketches


William is from Malta and born 1983. A talented commercial Artist and Art Director working for his own company WM Art Studio (with business partner Mario Sciuto). He graduated from Palermo Comic Book School for Artists.


born in Mexico in 1995, is our head Enchanted Animal Book Collections illustrator. With studying visual arts and his natural flair for nature and animals, drawing is his passion. Daniel’s goal is to draw very animal around the world.

The Spellbound Executives

Johanna Schick

Executive Assistant and PR—Johanna assists Author, N.C. Batten in various areas such as PR, social media and office administration management. Born in Germany and currently studying a Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in Marketing,

The Master Beta Readers

An official thank you and mention for our quality control team. That volunteer their valuable time to ensure our products are ready for you. Beyond blue and child care.

Our master readers are;


Born in November of 1989, on the Mornington, Peninsula in Victoria. Singer/Song writer and “Spoonie Warrior” (Long time Chronic Illness Survivor).She studied English language and literature, mathematics, animals, music, acting and nursing at Padua College, Chisholm TAFE and Deakin University and is currently studying Beauty Therapy. She is an extremely biased and proud mother of a beautiful 4 year old princess, whose life desire is to help others who suffer from depression, anxiety or live with a chronic illness.


Nicole was born in Melbourne in 1972. Her passions are creative writing & copywriting, while living on her Western Australian farm with her hubby and numerous fur babies.


Lisa was born in Melbourne in July, 1974.  The third eldest of four daughters, she enjoyed many hours of playing with her sisters

Lisa enjoyed mathematics at secondary college and went on to complete a Diploma of Business Management. Currently she is serving as the hub of the creative team, contributing her vast knowledge and brilliant fantasy ideas to assist in creating this delightful and imaginative world.  Overall Lisa’s all-embracing, professional manner, worthy values and effervescent love of life radiates through the core of the Enchanted team.

Thank you

We take this opportunity to thank the unpaid beta readers that volunteered their valuable time to ensure our products are ready for you. Also, an official thank you and mention for our quality control team, that volunteer their valuable time to ensure our products are prepared for you beyond blue and child care. Our master readers are to quality check for you, the reader.